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Leave A Comment! Be Added! Become Bosom Buddies! I Don't Bite!

( ... unless you're a physician, in which case, watch out ... )



Balthier X Me

Yeah. That's totally cannon. XD


Loves too fiercely and too much. Loyal if beaten within an inch of her life. Noted for being overtly emotional. Writes until her fingers bleed. Reads until her eyes follow suit and do the same. Her brother has a penchant for referencing his bowel movements at the dinner table. Is single. Does not particularly want to be. Has a weakness for little children and fairies. Is also a camera whore. And would make love to the new Nikon DSLR 40X given the right body parts.

Would like to meet people who are still trying to understand the question as opposed to claiming they already know the answer.

♥ Invalid Inspection ♥

Twenty One. Previously A Potential Nursing Major. (Alas - Hospital Hopping has pretty much bitch slapped that ambition. It's a long lost cause more so than a career option at this point. I was going to be a nurse before I became the patient. I'd laugh at the irony, but it stopped being funny.)

Incapacitated for three years and running. Is a fan of caffeinated painkillers. Is a fan of painkillers in general. (This includes all forms of Ritalin. Such dosing originally commenced to combat the industrial strength sedatives I was taking on a daily basis. It worked nicely. The current flavor of the week is Concerta. Awesome.)

The problem, to save you the trouble of asking, is that my brain is swollen. It's been swollen for three years. The neurosurgery was an epic failure, and we are once again back to square one.

♥ Medicinal Mockery ♥

I began mocking the medical industry some time around my seventh hospitalization. I grew tired of angsting and fond of satire - thus I birthed this journal to chronicle the escapades of my illness and my numerous attempts to try and defeat it. I try my best to turn every hospital failure into a novella of dark comedy. I figure I will never run out of material this way. (Of course, this epiphany took me two years to stumble upon - and I spent a good twenty four months in the throes of self pity. I blame no one for indulging in such - drastic, life altering outlooks can take years to come by. I consider myself fortunate that I stumbled upon mine when I did. As opposed to, like, never.

Because that would just suck.

♥ My Digital Divas ♥

I consider the friends I have made through various websites and communities the most benevolent people on the face of this planet. I would be lost without them. They give me meaning and they give me purpose. I will continue to fight this thing so long as I have something to fight for - and I think that will always be a given.

♥ Epilogue ♥

I write. I read. I photo. I vid. I game. I draw. I email. I journal.

And I fight.

... And I'm not done yet.

Someday I'll beat this thing.

Then I'm marrying for love, procreating offspring that I can thus spoil rotten, and getting myself published because - holy hell - despite the monotony of my illness, I have quite a lot to say.

♥ Acknowledgements ♥

My Mom.

I aspire to be a woman she can be proud of. If I can somehow grow to reflect even a fraction of her glory, I will die a very, very happy woman.





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