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Your Neighborhood Friendly Vixxxen

... Like The Reindeer; Not The Prostitute

5 July 1988
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Loves too fiercely and too much. Loyal if beaten within an inch of her life. Noted for being overtly emotional. Writes until her fingers bleed. Reads until her eyes follow suit and do the same. Her brother has a penchant for referencing his bowel movements at the dinner table. Is single. Does not particularly want to be. Has a weakness for little children and fairies. Is also a camera whore. And would make love to the new Nikon DSLR 40X given the right body parts.

Is also sick. Has been chronically ill for the past seven years. Making a valiant attempt to attend school. Still can not hold down a job. Resorts to pain killers on a daily basis. Is in the process of implanting a neurostimulator. Writes to keep her sanity, at least when the drugs allow.

Specializes in dark comedy. Previously transitioned from angst. Now dabbles in the realm of satire.

Is currently twenty five. Is glad to not be a teenager any longer.

Thinks Balthier is a demi-god, and should be revered as such. Axel belongs with her, not Roxas. Thinks we should tell AETNA to shove it and hire Larsa as our own personal medical insurance. Knows for a fact that Zidane does not get the attention he deserves. Also assumes Fran has one hell of a wedgie.

Has an affinity with blondes. Male blondes. And arm muscles.


Under Construction
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• Manic Mommy; The Back Bone Of My Life •
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• Beloved Beaker; The Buggy Eye Bastard •
• Doctor Trauma; The Traumatic Tomato •
• Lord Becker; The Self Designated Deity •
• Buzz Light Beer; The Veteran Ex Boy Friend •


Thor ( the norwegian god )
Brett ( the caffeinated combustable )
Han ( the korean import )
Ben ( the ritalin raider )
Zack ( the certifiable code monkey )
Jenny Lee ( the personification of epic hilarity and benevolence )
Gregg ( the resident dungeon master )


Gaymo Raymo ( formerly known as Mr. Rainbow )
Mistress Chick Dick
The Douche Doc Of Doom
The Lunatic Lady
The Bitch Doctor
The Ketamine Kid
The Former Forsaken Fraudulant Friend


• The Halls Of Hell School
• Hospital Hopping
• The Valley
• The Art Campus
• The Chemo Krypt
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• The Pen
• Hicksville
• NonDescript Waiting Room No. 174
• The Realm Of The Hypothetical
• The Flash Back Vault


No One At The Moment

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"...I'm sad that this has happened to you. But at the same time, it's like I wonder if vixenface would be as vixenface if not." - Droplet

"Darling, you are seriously a SUPERHERO." - Olive

"Steroids don't make you Jamie. You'll always be Jamie." - Mazzie

"You had better write a sequel, bitch." - Droplet

"I think you must be my dæmon, or else vice-versa, for you certainly seem to hold some form of my soul, and I don't think we should be severed permanently, no?" - Hope

"You're so pretty, I'd seriously go gay for you." - Constance

"...The amazing attitude she has towards life and her sarcasm never fails to make me grin so hard if my teeth were fake they'd fall out. And the world is her bitch, c'mon now." - Droplet

"I think you should write a memoir." - Olive

"You're one of those people from whom I take strength when you might not have any left to give." - Hope

"Dude, you're life is so fun and exciting, why can't my life be more like yours?!" - Olive

! ! LAST CALL ! !

Name: Jamie Veronica (Vixen) Glatt

Age: 25

Marital Status: Chronically Single

Home Town: Hicksville, New Jersey

Future Town: Seattle, Washington

Current Town: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Someday I will beat this thing.

Someday I will get better.

Someday I will go to college.

Someday I will get married.

Someday I will have children.

Someday I will be employed.

Someday I will be pain free.

Someday I will be cured.

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I'm Not Done Yet.
-- Vixen

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